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Patronus Sweatpants in Black

Patronus Sweatpants in Black


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by Naoko

Harry Potter x Naoko Patronus Sweatpants

Material: 80% cotton 20% polyester

Approximate measurements for sizes:      XS/S     S/M     M/L     L/XL*

total length: 95cm 95cm 95cm 95cm 95cm
hip circumference: 102cm 104cm 106cm 108cm 110cm
waist circumference**: 68/74 cm 70/76 cm 72/78 cm 74/80 cm 76/82 cm
internal length legs: 66cm 66cm 66cm 66cm 66cm

* * waist circumference is given without stretching / with slightly stretched rubber
*given dimensions are measured "flat", possible difference +/- 2cm