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"Custo Barcelona was created by brothers David and Custo Dalmau in Barcelona during the 80s.
The Dalmau children always liked graphic design, and Custo chose a career in architecture with the idea that it was a creative profession.
It all started during a summer vacation in the late 70's, when Custo convinced his brother to take a motorcycle trip around the USA and the rest of the world, in which they spent 2 years..
Inspired by this movement, when they returned to Spain they began to design T-shirts mixing illustrations.
The peculiar way of sewing the T-shirts, combining the prints with silks, gave such an original result that nothing similar could be found anywhere in the world. The brand was baptized as Custo of Barcelona, which, with the passage of time, would become Custo Barcelona.
They were the first designers to make printed T-shirts, at first only for men, and they were an immediate success."